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HD Nursing Partners with CPR Marketing to Extend Patient Safety

In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize patient safety, HD Nursing, the leading patient safety solution that combines predictive analytics with individualized fall and pressure injury prevention, has joined forces with CPR Strategic Marketing Communications (CPR), a full-service marketing and public relations agency serving emerging healthcare-focused companies and not-for-profit organizations. 

CPR will support HD Nursing in ushering in a new era of healthcare excellence and transforming patient safety standards across the nation. These initiatives will be designed to generate HD Nursing’s national recognition as a market trailblazer, key thought-leader and game-changer for the healthcare industry.

Based in Benton, Arkansas, HD Nursing has long been at the forefront of patient safety. Their innovative approach combines predictive analytics with individualized fall and pressure injury prevention and through this strategic partnership with CPR, the Company will extend its reach nationwide.

Setting New Standards in Patient Safety

The partnership's primary goal is to establish HD Nursing as the premier evidence-based patient safety solutions company with a proprietary fall risk assessment tool that is validated in the electronic medical record. As the cornerstone of the program, this tool has earned the recognition and adoption by leading health systems and academic medical centers across the U.S. CPR’s strategic communications initiatives will effectively resonate the message across various sectors of the healthcare marketplace: payers, providers and patients. 

Addressing Key Healthcare Challenges

With a focus on key healthcare challenges such as elderly fall prevention and pressure injury prevention, HD Nursing is not simply addressing existing issues, but also pioneering innovative solutions. With evidence-based practices and a data-driven approach, HD Nursing is reshaping patient safety technology, emphasizing the importance of best practices in high reliability, precision nursing, nursing fall risk assessment and healthcare quality improvement:

  • High Reliability: High reliability in nursing refers to a healthcare system's ability to consistently deliver safe and high-quality care, even in complex or high-risk situations. HD Nursing is driven by the goal of high reliability to ensure patient safety and minimize errors, thereby improving overall healthcare outcomes.

  • Precision Nursing: Precision nursing represents a shift from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, offering highly individualized and optimized medical care. By leveraging genetic, environmental, and lifestyle data, healthcare providers can deliver more accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and personalized preventive strategies, ultimately improving patient outcomes and the overall quality of healthcare.

  • Nursing Fall Risk Assessment: By focusing on fall risk assessment, HD Nursing contributes significantly to patient safety by preventing falls and related injuries, improving the overall quality of care, and reducing healthcare costs associated with fall-related incidents. Their approach ensures that patients receive targeted interventions based on their individual risk profiles, promoting a safer healthcare environment.

  • Pressure Injury Prevention: Pressure injuries, localized damage to the skin and underlying tissue, are a preventable condition. They can lead to complications such as pain, infection and longer hospital stays. In severe cases, pressure injuries contribute to premature mortality. HD Nursing’s evidence-based program, rooted in the latest guidelines, offers a multidisciplinary approach to prevent these injuries and enhance patient outcomes.

  • Quality Outcomes Improvement: By focusing on quality outcomes improvement, HD Nursing employs predictive analytics and individualized care to optimize patient safety, reduce falls and injuries, enhance clinical outcomes, and ensure a higher quality of care across various healthcare settings.

Educational Initiatives and Community Outreach

CPR will deliver these messages via thought-leadership activities, spanning white papers, byline articles, blogs, press releases and multiple educational programs.  This will also include arranging speaking opportunities at industry events and conferences, staging webinars and earning awards through merit.  Additionally, CPR will support HD Nursing community outreach programs that are being launched to raise awareness about fall prevention, pressure injury management and overall healthcare safety. By fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing, HD Nursing and CPR are actively contributing to a more informed and vigilant society.

Raising awareness of HD Nursing’s unique capabilities remains a primary goal of the campaign.  CPR will implement media activities that emphasize the role of HD Nursing to collect and analyze data related to falls and pressure injuries, a proficiency that enables healthcare organizations to identify vulnerabilities, implement preventive measures and track the effectiveness of interventions. This commitment to data-driven decision-making aligns with high reliability principles. By actively engaging with leadership teams, HD Nursing provides support and guidance in pressure injury prevention strategies, reinforcing its commitment to high reliability practices at the organizational level.

A Vision for a Safer Tomorrow

As HD Nursing and CPR embark on this transformative journey, they invite the entire healthcare community to join them. Together, they are not just ensuring patient safety -- they are creating a blueprint for a healthcare future where excellence is the norm and where patients can confidently place their trust.

Their partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation and dedication. Together, they are creating a legacy of excellence in nursing, setting new standards in patient care and inspiring generations to come. The road to a safer, healthier tomorrow has been paved, and HD Nursing and CPR are leading the way for the entire healthcare industry. Stay tuned as they continue to make strides, break barriers and forge a future where patient safety is not just a goal but a universal reality.


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