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Education is an essential element of all patient safety programs. In order to help you succeed we provide our education across a broad array of applications and delivery modalities to meet and exceed adult learning needs.


New research on gait belts to prevent injuries by Dr. Venema

Hear from Nancy McGann, PT, CSPHP, the System Clinical Manger of Associate Safety at SCL Health, about an Integrated Approach for Mobilizing Patients with Behavioral Concerns. 

New research of pressure injury prevalence in acute care hospitals by Cathy VanGilder

HD Podcasts

Listen to Dr. Hester and Dr. Quigley discuss the necessity of mobility in preventing pressure injuries and falls

Dr. Hester speaks with Dr. Woo from Advances In Skin & Wound Care about the Braden Hester Pressure Injury Prevention Program


Chat with Pat

Dr. Patricia Quigley shares her vast knowledge on fall topics with you.  Access the topics and accelerate your learning here.

Pressure Points

Sharing quick topics and Skinformation on pressure injury prevention.


Publications and Posters

Houston Methodist at Vizient

8 hospital systems all

Magnet Designated

Presented at Magnet Conference 2019

HD Nursing supports the accuracy of assessment and individualized care plans 

HD Nursing Article Library

Fall Prevention Articles

Validation of the Hester Davis Scale for fall risk assessment in a neurosciences population

This article explains the validation of the Hester Davis Scale for fall risk assessment as support in clinical practice.

Hester, A., Davis, D. (2013). 

Psychometric Validation of the Hester Davis Scale for falls risk assessment in a neurosciences population. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 45(5). 1-8. Hester, A.L. (2015).

Predictive Model Development and Validation of the Emergency Hester Davis Scale© for Fall Risk Screening

This open access article explores the validation of the Hester Davis Scale in the Emergency Department.

Kientz, S., Hester, A. (2020)

Evaluation of an Education Strategy versus Usual Care to Implement the STEADI Algorithm in Primary Care Clinics in an Academic Medical Center

This open access article explores the use of education and written materials as implementation strategies. 

Urban, K., Wright, P., Hester, A., Curran, Geoffrey., Rojo, M., Tsai, P., (2020)

Preventing injuries from patient falls

This on-line publication explores fall injury prevention strategies and devices.  

Hester, A. (2015) Preventing injuries from patient falls. American Nurse Today, 10(7).

Predicting Injurious Falls in the Hospital Setting: Implications for Practice

This article is a retrospective study designed to determine which patient factors are associated with injurious falls in hospitalized adults.

Hester, A.L., Tsai, P., Rettiganti, M., & Mitchell, A. (2016). Predicting injurious falls in the hospital setting: Implications for practice. American Journal of Nursing, 116(9). 2-9.

Patient and system factors associated with
unassisted and injurious falls in hospitals:
an observational study

This open access article review the system factors associated with injurious falls and the use of gait belts.


Venema, D., Skinner, A.M., Nailon, R., Conley, D., High, R and Jones, K. (2019) Published on line at BMC Geriatrics

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