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HD Nursing Aligns with 2023 AON/ASHRM Report Findings on Patient Safety

June 17-21, 2024 is Health Risk Management Week, a time to shed light on the professionals who play a pivotal role in ensuring safe and trusted patient care and safeguarding the well-being of staff.  Additionally, June is National Safety Month, an annual observance to promote healthy, safer environments both inside and outside the workplace.


Recognizing these observances, HD Nursing is proud to align with the 2023 AON/ASHRM Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Analysis. This report provides critical insights into patient safety challenges, underscoring the urgent need for effective prevention strategies against pressure injuries. These injuries, detrimental to both patient health and healthcare facility finances, call for targeted interventions.


HD Nursing's structured and evidence-based approach to preventing pressure injuries is perfectly aligned with the recommendations and findings of the AON/ASHRM report, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive patient safety measures.


Understanding Pressure Injuries


Pressure injuries represent a significant healthcare challenge. According to the 2023 AON/ASHRM report, pressure injuries account for 2.4% of all claim counts and 1.8% of all claim cost. These injuries, resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin, can lead to severe complications such as infections, extended hospital stays and, in some cases, increased mortality rates.


The report highlights pressure injuries as a pivotal area for improvement in patient safety, pointing towards the critical need for healthcare systems to adopt more rigorous management and prevention strategies.


By focusing on these strategies, healthcare providers can significantly reduce the incidence of pressure injuries, thereby enhancing patient care and minimizing liability risks.


Insights from the 2023 AON/ASHRM Report


The AON/ASHRM report calls for a multifaceted approach to patient safety, stressing the need for healthcare systems to implement more effective measures to prevent pressure injuries.


This includes the adoption of advanced risk assessment tools, improved skin care protocols and comprehensive nutritional support, alongside regular patient positioning and mobilization strategies to mitigate pressure points.


The report's findings suggest that such focused strategies could drastically reduce the prevalence and impact of pressure injuries, aligning with HD Nursing’s evidence-based prevention program.


HD Nursing’s Evidence-Based Approach


HD Nursing responds to this call to action with a program that prioritizes prevention through:


  • Risk Assessment Tools: Early identification of patients at risk facilitates timely and effective preventive measures.

  •  Skin Care Protocols: Regular skin inspections and the use of pH-balanced cleansers and moisturizers are crucial for maintaining skin integrity and preventing injury.

  •  Nutrition Support: Tailored nutritional assessments and interventions support skin health and overall patient well-being.

  •  Patient Positioning and Mobilization: Strategic repositioning and mobilization prevent pressure injuries by alleviating pressure on vulnerable areas.

  •  Education and Training: Comprehensive training programs ensure healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge to implement effective prevention strategies.


The congruence between HD Nursing’s program and the AON/ASHRM report’s recommendations is clear. Both advocate for a proactive approach to patient safety, highlighting the necessity of structured prevention programs to address the outlined challenges.


A Synergistic Approach to Patient Safety


Adopting HD Nursing’s program can lead to significant improvements in patient outcomes by reducing pressure injuries. This not only enhances patient care quality but also aids healthcare providers in managing risks and liabilities more efficiently.


The synergistic relationship between the 2023 AON/ASHRM report’s findings and HD Nursing’s prevention program underscores a collective move towards a safer, more reliable healthcare system.


Together, they offer a comprehensive roadmap for healthcare providers aiming to minimize pressure injury risks and bolster overall patient care quality, highlighting the power of evidence-based, structured approaches in transforming patient safety paradigms.


As healthcare providers navigate the complex landscape of patient safety, it's imperative to implement proactive measures to prevent pressure injuries and enhance overall care quality.

Take the first step towards achieving these goals by exploring HD Nursing's evidence-based prevention program. By partnering with HD Nursing, healthcare organizations can leverage innovative tools and strategies to mitigate pressure injury risks, improve patient outcomes, and minimize liability concerns.

Contact us today to learn more about how HD Nursing can support your patient safety initiatives and drive positive change within your healthcare system. Together, let's prioritize patient safety and pave the way for a safer, more reliable future in healthcare.


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