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Success Stories

Our scientifically validated fall risk assessment using the Hester Davis Scale provides an individualized, evidence based care plan resulting in fewer falls and significant cost savings. Click HERE to print our most recent group of success stories.

In 2011 UAMS Medical Center in Little Rock, AR implementing the Hester Davis Scale and HD Falls Care Plan.  Fall injury rates decreased by 60% which saved the organization 1.2 million dollars in falls related costs and $330,000 by eliminating Patient Sitters.

In 2013 White River Medical Center in Batesville, AR implemented the HD Falls Program in two units, PCU and Senior Haven.  Within 12 months the PCU fall and injury rates were down by 23% and 56% in the Senior Haven unit.

What makes the HDS and Care Plan So Successful?

Typical hospital screening tools are too general to identify specific modifiable risk factors resulting in care plans that only include general interventions, not targeted to individual risk factors.

This general approach rarely changes during the patient’s stay.  The HD Falls Program allows for changes in the patient’s condition and provides updated care plan changes and interventions at the right time.


A Better Assessment Tool

The Hester Davis Scale (HDS) is the only validated fall risk assessment tool in electronic format (EHR) and provides the highest sensitivity of any validated Fall Risk Scoring Tool (HDS 90/91% vs. Morse 73%).


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