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Adult Acute Care and ICU

The HD Falls Program is a comprehensive, individualized falls management program, comprised of all the evidence-based tools and services needed to reduce patient falls, falls related injuries and address the growing costs associated with falls.  

The tools that comprise the HD Falls Program fall into 3 components: 

Predict: Hester Davis Falls Risk Assessment Scale (HDS)©

The most accurate fall risk assessment tool available to clinicians and the only falls scoring tool to be validated in the EHR. Read More.

Prevent:  HD Falls Care Plan©

Includes the individualized interventions for each risk factor of the HDS©, generates an individualized care plan through an optimized EHR workflow each time a patient is assessed with the HDS.  HD Falls Care Plans are customized for different patient settings and populations. Read More.

Sustain:  HD Falls Tool Kit©

Contains the tools and services to ensure effective Implementation and Sustainability of the HD Falls Program©. Read More.

HD Nursing has developed derivative programs to meet the needs of specific patient populations and settings including:


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HD Emergency Department Falls Program – designed for ED patients

Includes a validated derivative screening tool from the HDS© (eHDS©), evidence-based Emergency Department HD Care Plan Bundle, and ED HD Falls Toolkit. Read More




HD Maternal Falls Program – designed for the in-patient maternal population

Includes, validated derivative assessment tool from the HDS© (mHDS©), Maternal HD Falls Care Plan©, Maternal HD Falls Toolkit© and Baby Drops program content to help address baby drop prevention. 


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HD Ambulatory Falls Program – designed for all non-acute settings

Includes validated derivative assessment tool from the HDS© (aHDS©), Ambulatory HD Falls Care Plan©, Ambulatory HD Falls Toolkit©. Read More.


HD Pressure Injury Prevention Program – in development

Get in touch with the HD Nursing team for more information about any of our products. 

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