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Hd Nursing Subsidiary Acquires Thermal Imaging Technology Developer

Company set to release a new innovative camera combining AI with thermal imaging to alert medical staff of potential safety events to further reduce patient falls and pressure injuries

LAS VEGAS, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Sense Ai Inc. (HSAi), an affiliate of HD Nursing LLC, announced today it has acquired a majority interest in Envision Analytics Inc. (EA), an innovative developer of a new thermal imaging device that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and detect a variety of specific patient movements to further prevent falls and pressure injuries.

EA has a unique portfolio of intellectual property including patents and technologies that will enable clinicians to monitor patients using advanced, privacy-preserving technologies to drive better outcomes related to falls and pressure injuries.

Kent Barkouras, president of HSAi, said: "While no one was fully prepared for the changes brought by the pandemic, we were properly positioned to leverage our proprietary database, SenseAi, to combine and utilize new technologies to simultaneously provide the continuance of quality care at the frontlines for both falls and pressure injury prevention. Our R&D teams are in the process of developing a superb product unrivaled in patient monitoring today."


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