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Atrium Health's Groundbreaking Study Showcases HD Nursing's Falls Prevention Program Success

HD Nursing is pleased to share some exciting news from one of our most valued partners, Atrium Health, where the implementation of HD Nursing's Falls Prevention Program has yielded remarkable results.

A recent quality improvement project conducted at two adult acute care facilities within the Atrium Health system demonstrated a significant reduction in inpatient falls and falls with injury. The study, led by clinical nurse specialists, provides compelling evidence of the program's effectiveness and underscores the vital role of evidence-based practice in healthcare.

Our Shared Commitment to Quality Care

Atrium Health has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality healthcare services. Recognizing the persistent challenge of patient falls in healthcare facilities globally, Atrium Health took proactive measures to address this issue by implementing HD Nursing's Falls Prevention Program, recognized as the Hester Davis Fall Program: a comprehensive, evidence-based prevention program with the leadership of clinical nurse specialists. The results of this recent study highlight the commitment of Atrium Health to patient safety and the pursuit of

excellence in healthcare delivery.

Key Findings of the Study

The study utilized the Plan-Do-Study-Act model to implement the Falls Prevention Program at two adult acute care facilities within the Atrium Health system. Led by clinical nurse specialists collaborating with nurse managers, the project focused on reducing inpatient falls and falls with injury. The results were nothing short of impressive with both facilities showing favorable trends in overall fall rates.

Both facilities demonstrated overall favorable trends in fall rates, with a total decrease in falls from 744 to 692 in the 9 months following implementation. One facility showed rates lower than the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators mean. This reduction not only signifies improved patient safety but also translates into estimated cost savings ranging from $202,176 to $491,400.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Specialists

The success of the Falls Prevention Program at Atrium Health highlights the pivotal role played by clinical nurse specialists in implementing evidence-based programs. These highly skilled professionals collaborated with nurse managers to guide planning, implementation and evaluation of patient outcomes. Their leadership was crucial in navigating the complexities of healthcare delivery and ensuring the program's success.

Looking Ahead: Enhancing Quality Measures and Outcomes

As healthcare organizations strive to enhance quality measures, the Atrium Health study emphasizes the importance of investing in appropriate resources and identifying individuals with the right skill set to lead quality improvement initiatives. The positive outcomes observed in this study underscore the potential for impactful change when evidence-based programs are effectively implemented.

HD Nursing is proud to partner with Atrium Health and to witness the success of the Falls Prevention Program in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. This study reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact on patient care. As we continue to work closely with our clients to address healthcare challenges, we look forward to more success stories that contribute to the advancement of evidence-based practice and the delivery of exceptional healthcare services. Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts to shape the future of healthcare.


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