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  • What is the HDS?
    The HDS is the Hester Davis Scale for Falls Risk Assessment developed to predict anticipated falls in adult patients in a variety of settings. The HD Care Plan adjusts based on patient’s real time condition.
  • Who is Hester Davis?
    Hester Davis refers to Dr. Amy Hester and Dees Davis, the developers of the HDS. Their comprehensive research led to the development of the HDS. Read more about Amy and Dees here.
  • Why was the HDS developed?
    We recognized the critical problem of patient falls and the need to find a solution. We evaluated various fall assessment scales in an effort to find an improvement over the one we were using – a modified Schmid. We could not find a scale that worked better or served our patients, so we created our own.
  • How was the HDS developed?
    The HDS was developed over two years through research involving retrospective evaluation of patient characteristics of those patients who fell in our organization. We collected data from variance reports and patient records, constructed the scale and tested it initially in one nursing unit. We asked staff nurses to use the scale, give us their feedback and revised the scale based on their recommendations. The revised version of was then implemented in a unit experiencing problems with falls. After a short time it was clear tests in both units were successful in utilizing the HDS and the program was implemented in the remainder of the facility. To this day the HDS scale continues to yield positive results for both facilities and patients.
  • Is the HDS a valid falls risk assessment tool?
    Yes. The HDS has undergone a complete psychometric validation.
  • Has the HDS been tested in relation to its’ sensitivity and specificity?
    Yes. We have tested all scientific aspects of the HD Falls Prediction Tool in all acute care patient populations including bone marrow and solid organ transplant.
  • Is there a licensing fee for the HD Falls Scale?
    Yes. There is an initial and annual licensing fee. This license gives you access to the entire HD Falls Program including the HDS falls scale, plan of care, competencies, instructional video, patient education forms in multiple languages, and PDSA tools.
  • How do we start using the HD Falls Program?
    HD Nursing will partner with you to get the Program installed and started in your organization whether you are using paper records, electronic records, or a combination of both. We can assist you to embed the HD Falls Program into your EMR regardless of which vendor you use.
  • Is the HDS only available for hospitals?
    The HDS Falls Program has been developed as an effective tool for a variety of in-patient and outpatient programs.

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