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Reducing Fall Risk, Improving Outcomes.

HD Nursing's innovative patient fall prediction and prevention program saves clients millions each year, prioritizing patient safety and care.

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At HD Nursing, our innovative approach to patient fall prevention saves our clients over $500 million annually.

"The HD Nursing team is great to work with. The build into the EHR makes it easy to individualize interventions for each patient."

Stacey Weiler, MSN, RN System Manager in Nusing Excellence, SSM Health



Patient falls can result in serious injuries, including severe fractures and head injuries, which can have long-lasting effects on a patient’s health and quality of life. Caregivers can also be injured by intervening during a fall.

In addition, patient falls can lead to costly litigation and workers comp claims that have a major impact on the hospital’s financial health. Many of these falls could be prevented with the proper fall prevention program in place, and by doing so, hospitals can ensure their patients and caregivers are protected while protecting themselves from financial losses as a result.

"Discover the difference our fall prevention program makes for patients and caregivers."

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We are the industry leaders in clinical fall prevention, trusted by top facilities nationwide to provide the highest level of care and safety for their patients and caregivers. Our innovative approach to fall prevention has helped save our clients $500 million a year in fall prevention cases, making us the go-to choice. Utilizing our program, our clients can expect the following top results:

  • Reduced risk of patient falls and injuries.

  • Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

  • Enhanced reputation and trust with patients and families.

  • Cost savings through reduced fall-related expenses.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Enhanced compliance with industry standards and regulations.

  • Peace of mind knowing that patient safety is a top priority.

HD Nursing’s fall prevention program saves lives and money. Don't wait another day to protect your patient, caregivers and bottomline. Contact us now for a Demo.

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