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HD Nursing-Stryker Partnership

“Putting Science and Technology to Work”

In 2018, Stryker’s Medical division and HD Nursing, LLC announced a partnership to drive improved outcomes in health system fall and injury prevention programs. The partnership combines Stryker’s industry-leading technology and national team of Clinical Nurse Consultants with HD Nursing’s leading clinical science in falls management.

The HD Falls Program utilizes the Hester-Davis Scale© (HDS©), a highly effective, validated assessment tool designed to accurately identify patients most likely to fall and document their specific modifiable fall risk factors. The HDS© risk factors are mapped and linked to specific interventions in the HD Falls Care Plan© that clinical evidence indicates are best suited to mitigate those risk factors. The HD Falls Care Plan© provides the clinical decision support to ensure the right products and technology are used on the right patient at the right time creating one clinical standard across a hospital and healthsystem. HD tools are integrated into the hospital’s EHR system with optimized workflows to drive improved outcomes by individualizing patient care.

“This partnership benefits hospitals in successfully implementing the HD Falls Program, leveraging our research and clinical science to bring Stryker’s exceptional cutting-edge medical technology to the bedside,” said Amy Hester, Ph.D., R.N., Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for HD Nursing.

Stryker’s fall prevention journey began in 1993 when it launched the Chaperone Bed Exit system. It was designed in a hospital bed to provide an alarm system to notify caregivers when a patient is at risk to fall. Stryker’s “Secure Bed” product line, Chaperone Bed Exit and iBed Wireless technologies offer caregivers a proactive approach to fall prevention. Stryker has continued to focus on nurses and one of their most notable challenges in taking care of their patients.

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About Stryker

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and, together with its customers, is driven to make healthcare better. The company offers innovative products and services in Orthopedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes. More information is available at

About HD Nursing

HD Nursing was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. It was cultivated out of research Dr. Amy Hester began in 2008 in an effort to reduce falls and fall related injuries in their neuroscience patient population. The HD Falls Program was born and has now been validated across all adult in-patient settings. With new HD Models available for the Maternal, ED and Ambulatory (non-acute) patient populations, HD Nursing is dedicated to improving falls and injury management across the continuum of care.

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