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Sustain: HD Falls Tool Kit©

The Sustain portion of the HD Falls Tool Kit© contains the tools and services to ensure effective Implementation and Sustainability of the HD Program. Read more about our comprehensive program below.

Education and Communication
HD Falls Tool Kit© provides training, education, nurse competency, audit and compliance tools, interprofessional communication tools, scripting, in room signage and more.

Receive quality and performance improvement tools and templates for JC & CMS documentation and compliance and support for ANCC Magnet Document preparation.


Training & Remediation

  • Onboarding Modules -Frontline Staff

  • Interdisciplinary Education Tools

  • Training Modules For Super Users

  • Nurse Competency Tools


Evidence Based Tools

  • HDS Glossary

  • Maternal HDS Glossary

  • Baby Drops Program

  • PDSA ToolsPost Fall Huddle Tool

  • Patient AND Family Education in

  • English and Spanish Door/ Unit Signage


Other Resources

  • Policy Examples and guidance

  • Responses to JC SEA Alerts

  • HD Nursing Webinars

Rewards And Recognition

  • Staff Good Catch Awards

  • HD Nursing Newsletters

Your organization will be flanked by HD Nursing and Stryker to execute a seamless implementation.

hd-nursnig-and-stryker-sustain (1).png

Compliance Monitoring/QA Tools

  • Fall Safety Cross

  • Compliance Audit Tools (Leadership, Peer to Peer, Unlicensed)

  • Event Spreadsheet Tracker

  • Organizational drilldowns for problem performers

  • Falls and Injury Rate Calculators

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