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SSM Health Poster Story Success


About SSM Health
Based in St. Louis, SSM Health was founded in 1872 by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary.
Care is provided for people in a variety of settings including 23 hospitals, physician offices, a pharmacy benefit company, an insurance company, nursing homes, home care, hospice, virtual care services, and an accountable care organization.

Operating facilities exist in four states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma with numerous rural hospital affiliations.

Falls were costing SSM Health approximately $29,000 per day.

Safety sitters alone were accounting for $1.8 million in annual expenses and non-injury falls were costing the organization over $8.5 million per year.

The fall risk assessments in use did not accurately identify patients at risk of falling nor the reasons they were at risk for falling. Without identifying the factors that put patients at risk for falling, the clinical nurses were not able to organize an approach to resolve the risk of falling.

After implementing The Hester Davis Falls Program™ in 2015, SSM Health saw:

  • A 50%reduction in total falls per 1,000 patient days resulting in a cost saving of approximately $3,819,500 for non-injury falls

  • A 75% reduction in injury falls per 1,000 patient days, resulting in a cost saving of approximately $1,600,000

Get in touch with the HD Nursing team to learn more about how to reduce falls and falls related injuries within your facilities. 

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